Website packages



At the core, your website is a visually engaging online brochure of what you’re all about.  Let people see ‘under the hood’ of all that you offer.


All of our sites are built with blog and newsletter features for you to share you ongoing stories, projects, and inspiration with your adoring fans.


Beyond connecting your social media, we integrate external CRM software, email marketing accounts, Google maps, affiliate programs and more!


Your new site will allow you the ability to make any sort of ‘call you action’ you’d like.  From class registration to streaming seminars we have it all.

nuts & bolts

Your new website and online platform can be tailored to your every needs.  There is no limit to what we can build for you, but the basic packages come with the following core features:


Your new site will be programmed with responsive layouts that are mobile-ready and set to fit on any size of screen or device.


Your new website will be hosting on our dedicated server.  You can manage and operate your site with ease and not have to worry about the additional costs of hosting.  We’ll keep your software updated and your site backed up monthly as part of the package.

*If you’d like additional security and an SSL certificate for your site, that can also be set up and managed through us.



Any form of post content you’d like to create and disseminate through your site, it will be set to publish attractive articles on the site and to the inboxes of your email subscribers.


Your site will be built with our simple and efficient process for discovering and creating exactly what you want, getting it built, and teaching you the basics of managing it on your own before you dive in and start making change in the world!


Your site will be stocked ready for any sites you’d like to integrate.  Beginning with social media streams, ‘like’ buttons, affiliate product links and more.

*Any more comprehensive software setup that has additional costs for membership can also be coordinated through us.  We have commercial and group rates for most major tools.



The new site will have unlimited photo storage and compression software for optimized loading speed and user experience.  Spread your wings with any sort of media you’d like to use!

We’re here to help you succeed 

Just like your favorite training program for weight loss, fitness, and wellness, we’re here to make your business lean and streamlined..